Tokyo, Japan.

“We think globally and act locally to pursue your business goals”


We provide creative solutions!

Global Nippon Co., Ltd.

Today there is a gap between the initial producer and the final consumer, which generates uncertainty in the markets and inefficient supply of products and services. About Us

We provide creative solutions for all your needs!

Trading Business

Global Nippon Co., Ltd., as your partner and liaison, seeks out products all over the world and provides new prospects markets giving you the opportunities to import, export and distribute your product to the Asia Pacific & the world markets.

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Consultation and Market Research

Global Nippon Co., Ltd., as your partner and liaison, assists you with expert consultation and specialized market research. This way your company will be able to implement and execute the best marketing mix strategies; offering the most suitable product or service, pricing strategies, quality control, the most appropriate distribution channels and the most efficient promotion campaigns. We will make sure not only sell your product or service, but to generate new and loyal customers and generating brand recognition.

“We deliver and convey the most accurate information to satisfy your client’s needs.”
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